Cold water showers and drinking cold water benefits

How important are cold showers for health?  Cold water therapy and hydrotherapy (super popular in the 1800s) cite a number of benefits of cold water showers.  Benefits include improved blood circulation, mood, good for skin and hair and even a boost to testosterone levels.


I just also read that James Bond’s character in the books by Ian Fleming started the shower warm and towards the end turned it to cold for a few minutes.  James Bond knows something!


As per yoga, cold showers have a huge anti-aging effect, mood uplifters and a bolstering of the immunity system of the body.  Bond must have been a yogi too!!?


What about drinking ice water?  Drinking cold water has been encouraged by the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss.  Well, I think if ice cold water is drank by us, the body must have to heat it up to 37C(unless you are an extremely cold blooded reptile).  That must consume some calories and slowly it all adds up.


My take on this is that I will start making an effort to take colder showers gradually.  It is tough to do when it is sub-zero outside but the benefits sound logical enough for me to give it a try.  Drinking cold water is easy if there is an ice maker handy around you during the day, so I am game with that as well.  For who does not want to waste a few extra calories just by drinking ice cold water?